The project is funded by the NEST (New and Emerging Science and Technology) program of the European Commission.

BrainTuning is about music in the brain

Music appreciation and music-induced emotions are common every-day phenomena to most of us. Certain pieces of music are loved by many, hated by others, and insignificant to many. Many of us love to play instruments and singing brings a whole other level to speaking. Many think of music as a certain way to communicate or express one's emotions. Music is a diverse and fascinating domain influencing our society in various ways.

Neuroscience provides new ways to investigate how music and music-induced emotions are processed in the brain. Many questions that could not be answered before, can now be addressed using new approaches and the new methods available. The BrainTuning project is investigating the musical brain by combining the efforts and expertise of six research groups in Europe and Canada during the years 2006–2009.

BrainTuning FP6-2004-NEST-PATH-028570